How to get rid of unhappy

This is a common problem that everyone facing to . We are people so we got emotions time to time that is life. Sometimes we got angry, content, confusing, sadness, jealous, being afraid of loosing someone, dumps and so on…

So the thing is balancing our mind is our duty. Let me put it this way like, if we really loving ourselves first it’s our duty to make ourselves comfortable. Mostly mind!!!!!!

Mind is always causing to physical health too. I’m not gonna graphorrhea and again jump to the topic. So the topic is how to come over sadness!!!

According to theory of law of attraction it says the more you being unhappy the more unhappy situations you will attract.

So to get rid of this emotion you have to be in the sense or else live in the present. Everything is temporary so the sadness also temporary. How you feel today will change for tomorrow

So when you feel unhappy just think it is temporary…… Then you feel okay. You don’t feel unhappy till die so let it go for today… Tomorrow is an another day. Stay positive all the time. I’m sure you will feel okay


What is the real meaning of love

A fantastic topic i think. Most people have no idea about this,even we cant understand .

Im not gonna make this post so long this is about all kinds of love , when we like a person, sake of our own content we just built a dreamy world with that creture we just put so many tags to that person like,

He is handsom
He is so caring
He is so tall
He is protective

Like this with our own mind we just give them a value !!! That is human mind we cant ignore it.
There are so many handsommen go here and there we can see it but are we falling in love ??? No we are not but after a date or a chat we are gonna judge them and just imagine and we creat a own story to that creature . Thats why people get more upset after a broken ups .

They just imagin what they did with each other . So the best thing to do is keep your mind on what u are doing right now!!!

Stay safe ❤❤

How to be happy??

A fantastic topic but practically it is so hard as normal people. Mostly we people find our happiness through other people that is why we people got sad easily .so there is a way to solve it .

The first one is ,lack of relationships as a member of this generation our bonds are connected through internet so this is a mayor peoblem that kills our happiness . A tragedy

I will ask you a question

Are you being sad because of you?? Please knock your own heart and ask .. of course not …..

so if you want to be happy just have a lonely time and lack your connections and dont overthink of others but help others without intent

Dont make a dreamworld through others, always do the things sake of you . While hepling others im not imply selfishness . Even me cant do this but at least try it .

There is a thing i want you to tell is dont let others to killyour happiness !!!😃😃

Attitudes of the teenagers

As a teenager i felt this is a awesome topic to write something . Actually most of the teenagers think adults are wrong and they cant understand them, yes of course thats right . i think the war begins with the generation gap. generation gap made the two stages for teenagers and adults . adults are with many experiences thats why they asked us to obey them . but teenagers are abundant with curiosity which drive us to modern technology . curiosity of teenagers and experiences of adults give them various kinds of attitudes . i think  younger generation    is beyond the limit . and also i neither  think adults are right nor wrong all the time . they must think about both sides as now the world is different not like in the past so we must adapt to the present society 

teenagers like if everyone accept them but adults dont let them to . i think sri lanka is top of this . western countries are not like this . as teenagers we must sort out what are good and bad . actually i dont think teenagers attitudes are the best aimages (1)s they are not emotional at all 

be with phones everytime , they dont know anything beyond it . this will be a dangerous state in future . want to say as teenagers we must sort out what are best and what are the worst . and gain advises from adults if only they are right . i dont tell that being with technology is a bad thing but we must be in the right line . dont ever go beyond it . love your self  and be yourself . this is what i want to say.



Hey stranger? can you fold your four fingers like a square ?

Then you will find you can change it in to different shapes as you pleased

maybe a tiny square

maybe a line

maybe a shape of  diamond

maybe a circle ,

but can you change something beyond circle ?

yes you can but it is not a collated shape

as circle is the biggest shape you will ever make

you cant go beyond it because it depends on the length of your fingers

and also there is a profound that depends on this world

that is LIMIT.

Let Me Intertwine

we breathe together

but never feel it

because you are far away 

its bore me ……..

let me intertwine with your soul

for a onetime

same sun ,same moon calls me to be with you

but how can our souls intertwine

because you dont know who i am

i stood beside the coffee table

for a long time , but no one came

but i cant let you go

my heart begging to be with you

so let me intertwine

its bore me …..




What Is The End Of This Technology?

When talk about the technology , nowadays technology become essential need of human like, ” we cant live without technology” .And also technology never stops for anybody  .But there are may hidden issues from this .

  • Hidden issues from this. Through this technology people become machines and be apart from the real world they are in virtual world . not connected with real people those who are next to us even in school after the class students used to get their phones doing own things instead of talking with friends. this will be a enormous problem  in future as people do not understand others feelings ( no experiences with being others )when travelling you can see all the people with phones o-PEOPLE-ON-PHONES-facebook1  And also you can see in houses , children be apart from parents they even haven’t time to talk with parents and technology detached us from parents , so lack of communication drag children in to dangerous things . and used to hold their own problems i think children cant do this as they are not matured yet so they become patients , be depressed . Do you know whats the end of this? its committed suicide ……. if they got bond with others they can share their sadness but technology closed this door

    download (1)
    The End

    And nowadays people have not got real feelings . Why society divorced each other? main reason is lack of communication as they haven’t get time to understand each other because people do own stuff . Even though works got easier( revolution) than past people say”i’m busy” that is ridiculous but the real situation.

    But when we look backward we can see people were connected with each other so no worries and they wont hold all the problems own they can share with others because  they spent a calm life not like now . If phones can make people happy , why committed suicides are increased ??? this is the point just think about this twice . people are people they want companies to live . Everything have a end even to this world if something going beyond to the nature it couldn’t have a long journey!!! i’m not saying using phones is bad thing but we want a limit now world is going to over the limit . and also there are many physical issues by unlimited usage of phones .

    There is a saying,


Why sri lanka is still developing?


Final results of my own research,

Sri lanka- 
School start at-7.30a.m- 1.30 p.m.

in china – 7.00a.m -10.30p.m

sri lanka -Actually in Sri Lanka we people go private classes after school (not in school but some other places for study what are we done in school (same subjects)
china – they only study in school no extra classes
sri lanka -There are 3 vacations per year (April 2 weeks,Aughust-1month ,December 1 month)
china -But here there are two vacations per year
sri lanka -No dormitories in Sri Lanka (most of the time students goes to school from their own houses).
china – Dormitories are mostly use  in china for students.
Sri Lanka – Start study when we are age 5
china – They start when they are age 3
sri lanka -All the time connected with parents
china -Because of the dorm system , bit detaching
sri lanka – Extra government holidays in spite of Saturday and Sunday (sometimes 1/2/3 per month)
china – small number of government holidays

  • ·         In schools study duration is lack so students goes to private classes, because of this classes we are destroy are own time in study (get time to go and come home again )then we are sleeping because of the tiredness . so at last we didn’t do anything .but in china they only study in school then go to dorm . no time wastage or tired . one reason “why sri lanaka still developing”.
  • ·         Number of vacations and extra holidays (this extra holidays we get for religional festivals and independence day ect,sri Lankan government (for better future)give holidays for every festivals for all religions(Buddhist, Tamil, Christian ,Muslim)  I think it’s a stupid idea . from one religion they celebrate lots of festivals so we got lots of holidays .But china is not. Second reason “why sri Lanka is still developing”
  • ·          In sri lanka , no dormitory learning so students addicted to extra things in home(TV). Most of the time students be with their parents so we didn’t get much responsible of ourselves . if we start a dormitory learn students must be responsible in their lives .
  • ·         So by above statements I can prove , education system is one of and main reason to ,”why sri lanka is still developing”.

Why am i use this


  • At first ,my very first target is improving my English and actually im fond of this.
  • Actually im used a sea in my blog wallpaper because it imply  freedom and there are more to learn till our death.
  • Then my bio , “determination and hard working make us worth”. because its my own  very experience.
  • Then i would like to thank  Tyler who is told me about this .